WCP Super Advice Pty Ltd - ACN 611 028 945

North Sydney: Suite 902, 153 Walker St, North Sydney NSW 2060

Belmore: Shop 2A, 585-589 Canterbury Road, Belmore NSW 2192

Postal: PO Box 1827 North Sydney NSW 2059

Website: www.wcpsuperadvice.com.au

Email: enquiry@wcpsuperadvice.com.au

Phone: 02 9959 4855 (North Sydney) - 02 8021 4397 (Belmore)

Fax: 02 9959 5849

Australian Financial Services Licence Number: 485616

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WCPSA advisers have developed a policy of continuing professional education to:

  •          Stay up-to-date with the impacts of the federal budget, legislation, economic developments and financial markets
  •          Meet the regulators’ requirements to maintain, update and develop knowledge and skills in the areas we are authorised to deal in or give advice on
  •          Develop specialist knowledge and cognitive skills of decision making to develop strategies and financial solutions that best meet the needs of my             clients
  •          Develop other financial planning skills or technical knowledge do I need, to effectively perform our role
  •          Ensure we have the appropriate practice management skills, to effectively manage our SMSF advice practice
  •          Enable us to provide advice which is client-centric and ethically based
  •          Enable us to demonstrate to clients the basis for our advice
  •          Ensure we adequately seek new advice opportunities and solutions for clients
  •          Ensure we adequately identify potential conflicts and risks?
  •          Develop our communication and presentation skills
  •          Enable us to apply our technical capabilities to unique client situations
  •          Ensure we have an understanding of the current regulations and legislation relevant to the SMSF advice profession
  •          Ensure we meet our legal obligations
  •          Ensure we meet disclosure obligations
  •          Ensure we reflect our ethics in our client value proposition